LED Lighting Upgrade

Good lighting can really change the interior of a boat and with the right selection of lighting both functionality and mood can be greatly improved.

This video was created with the help of the team at  Hella Marine and highlights what a simple change in downlighting can achieve for an affordable price.

Dynamic Marine was recently asked by a customer to upgrade the interior lighting in his 40FT launch and here are the results.


We changed the factory fitted LED downlights to the New Hella Marine EuroLED 75 lamp and results speak for themselves.

Contact Dynamic Marine for more information or to request a personalized lighting demonstration on-board your boat.

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Press Release

December 2018


A new company, Dynamic Marine, is aiming to make boating more enjoyable

for owners by reducing the time and stress they spend on servicing, maintenance

and upgrading their electrical, electronic, and software systems.


Owned and run by experienced marine electrical and electronics expert, Paul Bartley,

Dynamic Marine is a new Auckland based business that specialises in the installation

and upgrading of marine electronics’ systems.


“Major marine electronics companies are continually coming up with exciting new

developments designed to give owners more useful information about what’s around

them, both above and below the water,” he says.


“A lot of the time, to take advantage of these sometimes quite stunning upgrades, owners need only add a relatively inexpensive piece of hardware or some new software (which is often completely free).


“However, they also need the time to install them and learn how they work and that’s where Dynamic Marine comes in.


“We can help owners decide which upgrades are best for the type of boating they do, ensure any new hardware or software is properly installed and working as it should and even provide onboard training so owners and crew know how to get the most out of them.”


Paul Bartley says Dynamic Marine also aims to take the hassle out of engine servicing, onboard maintenance, and the like.


 “We can take over the vessel’s maintenance schedule and liaise with the appropriate agents to ensure all engine and other systems’ servicing is done properly, to a very high standard and on time.”


With over 25 years of experience in the marine industry, Paul has run his own businesses, worked for marine products and systems distributors Lusty and Blundell for more than 15 years, spending four years as L&B’s Electrical Products Manager and 2 years at Hella Marine as Global Product Manager.


Contact Paul Bartley 

Dynamic Marine

Ph 021 799 420

Email paul@dynamicmarine.co.nz

Paul Bartley

Vessel Management - Servicing & Maintenance - Owner Support - Equipment Sales

Servicing all on-board marine systems 

Electronics - Electrical - Plumbing - Mechanical